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Die neuesten Delay Plugins 2024

The latest delay plugins 2024

If you've ever wondered how to add depth, atmosphere or just a touch of magic to your tracks, you've come to the right place. Delay plugins are the music production tool that makes exactly that pos...
Studio Lautsprecher & Monitore 2024: Empfehlungen für Home Studios

Studio speakers & monitors 2024: Recommendations for home studios

Discover the most recommended studio speakers & monitoring monitors in 2024! From the compact and new Presonus Eris E5 to the powerful Genelec 1032 CPM - we cover the best options for your home...
Beliebte Kompressor Plugins für Mixing & Mastering

Popular compressor plugins for mixing & mastering

Discover the top compressor plugins 2024 for music production and mixing. This guide introduces essential tools that precisely control dynamics and give your sound character. From new SSL plugins t...
Studio Kopfhörer Test 2024 für Producer, Engineers & Content Creators

Studio headphones test 2024 for producers, engineers & content creators

Dive into the world of studio headphones 2024 and discover how you can revolutionize your music production, mixing and mastering. Our guide will walk you through choosing the perfect headphones for...
De-Esser Tutorial: Wie du Zischlaute in deiner Musik kontrollierst

De-Esser Tutorial: How to control sibilance in your music

Welcome to our ultimate De-Esser Guide 2024! In this tutorial, you'll learn what a de-esser is, how to use it, and simple tips to control sibilance in mixing.
MPW Update 2024: Shop, Merchandise, Tools und neue UX

MPW Online Shop & Merchandise

Discover the latest updates at MPW! Experience an improved user experience with optimized navigation and new free audio tools in the browser. Find out more about our DAW extensions and get the uniq...
Die besten De-Esser Plugins für Vocal Mixing 2024

The Best De-Esser Plugins for Vocal Mixing 2024

Ready for the next step in your vocal mixing? This test report presents the top de-esser plugins of 2024. From the classics to the new releases - discover how these tools master sibilants with pre...
Die besten Audio Interfaces 2024 für Home Studios im Test

The best audio interfaces 2024 for home studios in the test

Whether you're starting out in music production, an advanced user or a professional - this blog post will guide you through the latest and most popular audio interfaces. Discover which interface is...
Equalizer Guide & Tutorial für Audio Mixing und Mastering

Equalizer Guide & Tutorial for Audio Mixing and Mastering

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of equalizers - the secret behind the perfect sounds in music production and audio post production. Find out what you should pay attention to when buying a...

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