Die neuesten Delay Plugins 2024

The latest delay plugins 2024

If you've ever wondered how to add depth, atmosphere or just a touch of magic to your tracks, you've come to the right place. Delay plugins are the music production tool that makes exactly that possible.
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If you've ever wondered how to add depth, atmosphere or just a touch of magic to your tracks, you've come to the right place. Delay plugins are the music production tool that makes exactly that possible. In this article we delve into the world of the newest and most popular delay plugins of the year, which are particularly suitable for music production, beat making, vocal mixing and sound design.

What does a delay plugin do?

A delay plugin adds repeats to your signal that can be modulated at different times, feedback levels and with different effects. It's an essential tool for bringing tension, rhythm and spatial depth to your mix. Whether you want a subtle echo effect on vocals or want to create psychedelic textures on your beats, the delay effect is the solution.

Is a delay plugin included in my DAW?

Most digital audio workstations (DAWs) come with one or more integrated delay plugins . These often provide a solid basis for simple delay effects . But for those who want to delve deeper into sound design, third-party plugins offer additional creativity and flexibility. Now let’s take a look at the most popular and newest delay plugins 2024 for music production and sound design.

The best delay plugins 2024

Quick overview:

SSL X Delay

SSL X-Delay stands for its precise emulation of analog hardware delays and is known by audio engineers for its warm, natural echo. It offers dynamic modulation effects and high-quality oversampling that sets it apart from its competitors.

SSL Native X Echo

This plugin is a modern take on the classic Echo, with a clear focus on usability and sound quality. The simple interface allows for quick adjustments, while the sound quality is unmatched.

Sound toys EchoBoy

EchoBoy from Soundtoys is famous for its ease of use, versatility and the ability to create almost any type of echo or delay . With a wide range of modulation options and built-in effects like chorus and reverb, it's a must-have for creative music producers.

Sound toys PrimalTap

Unique in its ability to create lo-fi delays and bizarre echo effects. PrimalTap is inspired by a classic tape delay device and offers characterful sound coloring.

Eventide UltraTap

A versatile plugin known for its innovative tap delay control and ability to create dense, rhythmic textures as well as glitch and stutter effects.

Waves H-Delay Hybrid Delay

Waves H-Delay offers a perfect balance between analog warmth and digital precision. With its variety of delay modes and ability to sync to project tempo, it is a versatile tool for any style of music.

PSP Audioware Lexicon PSP 42

A precise emulation of the legendary Lexicon 42. This plugin offers the distinctive, digital echo sound heard on countless hits.

Valhalla Delay

Known for its wide range of delay types and intuitive interface. The flexibility and sound quality make it a favorite among music producers.

Softube Tube Delay

An analog modeled delay that adds warmth and character to any signal. It is ideal for adding dimension or a vintage touch.

Softube Tape Echoes

Offers authentic tape echo emulation that captures the character and unpredictability of old Echo devices.

UAD Galaxy Tape Echo

A faithful replica of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. It is known for its characteristic warm tape echo sound.

Wavesfactory Echo Cat

Inspired by the classic Copicat tape echo, it offers a variety of modulable echo effects and a distinctive, warm timbre.

Minimal audio cluster delay

A modern plugin that stands out for its ability to create complex rhythmic delays and textures through a combination of multi-tap and pitch shifting.

U-he Color Copy

A boutique delay characterized by its colorful, analog modeling and ability to produce both subtle and extremely modulated echoes.

D16 Group Repeaters

A versatile delay that offers 23 different echo models, from classic tape echoes to modern digital delays.

Native Instruments Replica XT

Offers five powerful delay modes as well as an advanced modulation section. It is known for its crystal clear sound quality and flexibility.

FabFilter Timeless 3

An extremely versatile delay plugin that impresses with its high-quality sound quality and extensive modulation options.

Cableguys TimeShaper

A creative tool specializing in the manipulation of time and rhythm. Perfect for creating unique delays , glitches and rhythmic patterns.

      Keep these tips in mind when choosing a delay plugin

      When choosing a delay plugin, you should consider what type of effect you want to achieve. Do you need something simple and direct or are you looking for extensive modulation options? Also consider the interface – it should be inspiring and intuitive.

      Free Delay Plugins 2024 for download

      • Davis Synth Spiral Delay
      • Valhalla DSP Supermassive
      • Cocko's ReaDelay

      Here you can find more free audio plugins as VST, AU and AAX: The best 50 free audio plugins 2024 for music production, mixing & mastering

        How does a delay actually work?

        A delay works by recording the incoming audio signal and outputting it again after a certain time delay. This delay time can be fixed or variable, and often the repetitions can be modulated to achieve different effects.

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        The most frequently asked questions about delay plugins

        Can I use a delay plugin live?

        Yes, many delays offer low latency and are suitable for live use.

        What is the difference between analog and digital delay?

        Analog delays use analog circuitry and often produce a warmer, more distinctive repetition, while digital delays allow for clearer and more precise echo effects.

        How do I use delay creatively?

        Experiment with different feedback intensities, delay times and stereo settings to create unique sounds.

        What is Tap Tempo?

        A feature that allows you to set the delay time by tapping a button or pedal in time with the music.

        How do I integrate a delay into my DAW setup?

        Most delays can be inserted into your DAW as a plugin. Experiment with placement in your signal path for different effects.

        With the right delay plugins you can give your tracks a new dimension. Whether you're looking for atmosphere, depth or creative effects, the above plugins offer something for everyone. Remember to try out the demo versions to find the perfect delay for your music.

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