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Acknowledgments & Contributors

This page is dedicated to everyone who has supported me from the beginning of this extensive project. MPW wouldn't be what it is today without you. Thank you for your support!

Thanks to Filipp Gamer from Dein-Laufschuberater.de for the inspiration & your SEO advice.

Thanks to Tonee Jukeboxx & Farzad Rahnavard from Duo Mastering for your trust.

Thanks to Dakoe from Fearskale for the support in web design & graphics.

Thanks to AVO for writing the first test reports.

Thanks to Vitali from Laevic Graphicdesign for the support the graphics.

Thanks to David for the great photos.

Thanks to the Mastering Academy for making the studios available.

Thanks to Sona for the videos.

Thanks to my affiliate partners Thomas from Clickfire/Thomann, Simon Köhnen from TasTutor and Liam from Plugin Boutique .

Thanks to my fellow producers & musicians Nils Again, DVXX & Meanz for your opinions & Recommendations.

Thanks to my friends and family, whom I didn't mention but who have always supported me.

Thanks to every single reader and supporter of the platform! Your support means a lot to me. Your Beshko.


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