Studio Kopfhörer Test 2024 für Producer, Engineers & Content Creators

Studio headphones test 2024 for producers, engineers & content creators

Dive into the world of studio headphones 2024 and discover how you can revolutionize your music production, mixing and mastering. Our guide will walk you through choosing the perfect headphones for your home studio, with insights into features that will make every nuance of your music shine.
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If you're reading this article, you're probably looking for the perfect pair of studio headphones for your music production, vocal mixing or song mastering. In this blog post we delve into the world of studio headphones and show you which models will be particularly popular in 2024. Ready? Then let's get started!

What makes studio headphones special?

Studio headphones are different from the traditional headphones you might use to listen to music on the way to work. Unlike traditional headphones, which often emphasize bass and treble, with studio headphones you get clear, undistorted feedback from your music.

Professional studio headphones offer neutral and linear sound reproduction, meaning they reproduce the sound exactly as it was produced - without any coloration or embellishment. This is crucial when it comes to making fine adjustments to the mix or master.

Why do you need studio headphones in your home studio?

Studio headphones are indispensable in both home studios and professional recording studios. Aside from the fact that you need closed headphones for recording, they allow you to work precisely even in an environment with less than ideal acoustics. Whether it's recording, mixing, or mastering, the right headphones will help you see details in your music that you might otherwise miss.

The difference between open, semi-open and closed studio headphones

  • Closed headphones provide excellent isolation from outside noise, making them ideal for recording as they prevent sound from leaking out and reaching the microphone.
  • Open headphones, on the other hand, allow the sound to escape through the earcups, resulting in a more natural listening experience. They are particularly suitable for long mixing and mastering sessions as they offer a wider soundstage, a less powerful listening environment and are less tiring than closed headphones.
  • Semi-open headphones are a compromise between the two, offering some sound isolation while also providing a more open soundstage than closed headphones.

The difference between studio headphones and speakers for mixing & mastering in the home studio

While speakers give you a spatial idea of ​​the mix and how it would sound in a real room, studio headphones allow for a more direct and detailed analysis.

You can also use studio headphones as a reference when mixing and mastering to ensure that your audio material also sounds good on other playback devices. Headphones are essential for detecting fine details in the mix that can be lost due to room acoustics and other factors when listening over speakers.

They also offer a great alternative if working with speakers is not possible due to a lack of space, if you are producing on the go or playing live.

The best studio headphones 2024 for home studios

Quick overview:

This selection includes both open and closed models, so there is something to suit every studio environment and preference. From the accurate sound reproduction of the Audeze MM-500 for open mixes to the isolation and precision of the beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro for closed environments - with these headphones you set the standard in your home studio.

beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (80 ohms)

beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 80 ohms

The DT 770 Pro is a proven classic among closed studio headphones that is known for its comfort and excellent isolation. The detailed, clear sound reproduction with precise bass reproduction makes it a versatile all-rounder, ideal for long editing or recording sessions. Our clear favorite and loyal companion in many productions and studios for years.

Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro 250 ohms

As a further development of the DT 770 Pro , the DT 1770 Pro offers improved drivers with Tesla technology for even more precise sound reproduction. The excellent resolution and depth of sound make it ideal for detailed mixing and mastering. As is usual with beyerdynamic, comfort and workmanship are first-class.

Neumann NDH 20

Neumann NDH 20

The Neumann NDH 20 , known for Neumann's typical precision and sound quality, delivers a balanced, neutral sound and is ideal as a reference monitor in mixing and mastering. Despite its slightly heavier weight, it impresses with its impressively neutral and precise reproduction.

AKG K-872

AKG K-872

The AKG K-872 , a high-end model for professional users, is extremely faithful, spatial and, above all, lightweight compared to other models in the price range. It offers good insulation and is also designed for long sessions. Due to its transparency, this model is more suitable for mixing and mastering.

Steven Slate Audio VSX Platinum Edition

Steven Slate Audio VSX Platinum Edition

A revolutionary headphone technology that makes it possible to simulate various virtual listening rooms and speaker systems. This innovation is a game changer for mixing and mastering, especially in less than ideal acoustic conditions, as it offers a variety of environments in which to test your mixes. The Steven Slate Audio VSX Platinum Edition includes headphones so you can get started right away.

Audeze MM-500 Audeze MM-500

Designed in collaboration with renowned mixing engineer Manny Marroquin, the Audeze MM-500 offers excellent soundstage and naturalness. For engineers who prefer an open design, it's a dream - just not easy.

beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro 80 Ohms

A classic that offers a wide stage and a balanced sound. This model is also very popular with many mixing and mastering engineers due to its similarity to the DT770. In addition, the DT990 is very light and is easy to carry during long studio sessions.

beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro

beyerdynamic DT 900 PRO

The updated version of the DT 900 Pro , with improved driver technology and robustness, retains the original's strengths and adds noticeable improvements in detail and dynamics. The same open soundstage is offered with even more precise reproduction.

OLLO Audio S4X 2023 1.3 Calibrated

OLLO Audio S4X 2023 1.3 Calibrated

Known for its linear sound reproduction and precision, each pair is individually calibrated to ensure accurate reproduction. Ideal for mixing and mastering thanks to the honest and unvarnished presentation, with individual calibration making a clear difference.

Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD 650

An open headphone appreciated for its natural sound reproduction and comfortable wearing experience. It offers exceptional transparency and warmth in sound, making it ideal for precise listening.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Technica ATH-M50X

A very popular closed headphone, known for its excellent sound and comfort. It is versatile for recording, mixing and simple music enjoyment, offering impressive sound quality and robustness at an affordable price.

KRK KNS 8402

KRK KNS 8402

Closed-back headphones known for their flat sound reproduction and comfort, designed to meet the needs of professional mixing and mastering engineers. A solid performer for mixing and critical listening, the comfort is excellent even during long sessions.



Designed specifically for DJs, these closed headphones offer a robust construction and powerful bass response. While they are optimized for DJing, they also offer an interesting option for producers who prefer a stronger bass.

Our conclusion

Studio headphones are an essential tool for anyone who produces music, frequently records vocals, or works in audio post production. Regardless of your acoustic environment, they allow you to analyze your audio material with precision and recognize fine details that would otherwise not be visible via monitoring monitors.

Investing in a high-quality pair of studio headphones can be worth it as they could become a constant companion in your productions. Choose a pair that you feel comfortable with and that is comfortable to wear for a long time and make sure that the headphones reproduce music as linearly as possible.

Most people get along well with a beyerdynamic DT770 (closed) or a beyerdynamic DT990 (open) , our favorite headphones - choose this model if you are unsure. It is not for nothing that these headphones have established themselves as a studio standard for a long time and can be seen in many productions.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing studio headphones

  • Fit and comfort : Long sessions in the studio are not uncommon. Make sure your headphones fit comfortably.
  • Open or closed : Closed models provide isolation from outside noise, open models provide more natural sound reproduction.
  • Impedance : Higher impedance values ​​technically mean better quality, but may require more powerful amplifiers.
  • Sound Quality : Search for neutral sound reproduction for pristine mixes and masters.

Where can you buy studio headphones?

You can get studio headphones online directly from the manufacturer's website or in specialist music stores such as Thomann , Europe's largest music store and our address for music and studio equipment.

The most frequently asked questions about studio headphones

Should I choose open or closed studio headphones?

Closed headphones are ideal for recording as they provide sound isolation. Open headphones are better for mixing and mastering because they offer more natural sound reproduction.

How important is impedance in studio headphones?

The impedance determines how much power your headphones require. Higher values ​​can mean better quality but require a more powerful output.

Do I need a headphone amplifier for my studio headphones?

This depends on the impedance of your headphones. Higher impedance values ​​(>100 ohms) often benefit from a headphone amplifier for optimal performance.

Can studio headphones be used for everyday listening to music?

Actually, yes, but note that they are designed for neutral sound reproduction and not for emphasized bass or treble. They are also large, shield the environment quite strongly and have long cables - so they are not suitable for on the go.

How important is impedance when choosing studio headphones?

Impedance affects how much power the headphones require. Lower impedance values ​​are usually sufficient for home use.

Can I create a professional mix with studio headphones?

Absolutely. Many professional mixing and mastering engineers use studio headphones for precise work, especially in acoustically imperfect rooms.

With the right knowledge and the right studio headphones, you are well equipped to make your musical visions come true. Don’t be afraid to invest in quality – it pays off.

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How long does delivery take at Thomann?

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