Studio Lautsprecher & Monitore 2024: Empfehlungen für Home Studios

Studio speakers & monitors 2024: Recommendations for home studios

Discover the most recommended studio speakers & monitoring monitors in 2024! From the compact and new Presonus Eris E5 to the powerful Genelec 1032 CPM - we cover the best options for your home studio.
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Welcome to the world of professional audio mixing and mastering! In this blog post we delve deep into the heart of every home studio: the studio speakers and monitoring monitors. Why are they so crucial for your productions and which models will perform particularly well in 2024? Stay tuned if you want to discover the secret behind crystal clear sound!

What makes a studio speaker?

Studio speakers, often referred to as monitoring monitors, differ fundamentally from conventional hi-fi speakers. Your main goal? Pure, precise sound reproduction. Unlike hi-fi speakers, which often “beautify” the sound, studio monitors give an honest look into your mixes. This allows you to make fine-tuning adjustments that add the finishing touches to your productions.

Why do you need studio speakers and monitoring monitors in your home studio?

The answer is simple: to achieve professional audio quality. Whether you're producing music, recording podcasts, or editing sound for videos, accurate sound reproduction is crucial. It allows you to make mixing decisions based on what's actually there - not what your speakers add or leave out.

The best studio speakers & monitoring monitors 2024 for home studios

Quick overview:

Presonus Eris E5

The Presonus Eris E5 speakers are characterized by a 5.25" Kevlar bass-midrange driver and a 1" silk dome tweeter capsule. They offer a frequency response of 53 Hz to 22 kHz, providing excellent clarity across the entire spectrum. With an output of 45W for the low frequency range and 35W for the high frequency range, they deliver a balanced and powerful reproduction. They also have acoustic adjustment options on the back to adapt the sound to different rooms.

With their compact dimensions, the Eris E5 easily fit on almost any desk or in smaller studio setups. Their size makes them an ideal choice for near-field monitoring in confined spaces.

KRK Rokit 5 G4

KRK RP5 RoKit Classic

The KRK Rokit 5 G4 has a 5" glass aramid mid-bass driver and a 1" glass aramid tweeter capsule, paired with an integrated Class D amplifier for bass and treble. A special feature is the DSP-controlled room correction with 25 graphic EQ presets that enable adjustment to the acoustics of your room. Their frequency range extends from 43 Hz to 40 kHz.

Known for its size to fit in most home studio environments, the Rokit 5 G4 delivers impressive sound despite its compact dimensions.

ADAM Audio T7V

The ADAM Audio T7V features a 7" polypropylene woofer and ADAM's renowned U-ART tweeter, making it quite unique for its size. The T7V monitors offer a frequency response of 39 Hz to 25 kHz and feature a 50W Class D amplifier for the woofer and a 20W Class D amplifier for the tweeter.

The slightly larger 7" woofer configuration compared to other models on this list means the T7V offers more low-frequency output, making it a good choice for genres with emphasized bass response.

Yamaha HS7

The Yamaha HS7 monitors offer a 6.5" cone mid-bass driver and a 1" dome tweeter, with an output of 60W for the low frequency range and 35W for the high frequency range. Their frequency response ranges from 43 Hz to 30 kHz. They are known for their neutral sound reproduction, which enables precise mixing decisions.

Due to its balanced size, the HS7 fits well in medium-sized studios, where it offers excellent sound quality without taking up excessive space.

Neumann KH 120 II

The Neumann KH 120 II is known for its precise sound reproduction and has a 5.25" bass-midrange driver and a 1" tweeter capsule. It offers an impressive power of 50W for the low frequency range and 50W for the high frequency range and covers a frequency range of 52 Hz to 21 kHz.

Despite its professional performance, the KH 120 II is compact enough to fit into most studio environments, making it a flexible tool for critical listening.

HEDD Audio Type 07 MK2

The HEDD Audio Type 07 MK2 has a 7" woofer and AMT tweeter, with a frequency response of 38 Hz to 50 kHz. Thanks to 200W total power and HEDD Lineariser® technology, it enables phase-linear reproduction, ideal for detailed mixing.

Our personal experiences with HEDD Audio products are consistently positive. Like DJ Jazzy Jeff and numerous other top producers, we also rely on high-quality speakers and headphones from HEDD Audio in our studios. Would you like to experience the exceptional sound quality for yourself? Take advantage of the generous 100-day return policy to test the devices at your leisure in your studio.

The Type 07 MK2 impresses with its compact size without compromising on sound quality. It is the ideal choice for demanding home studios that require particularly detailed and transparent sound.

Genelec 1032 CPM

The Genelec 1032 CPM offers a 10" mid-bass driver and a 1" metal dome tweeter, supported by a powerful amplifier with 180W for the low frequency range and 120W for the high frequency range. It offers a frequency response of 33 Hz to 23 kHz and is known for its automatic room adjustment technology.

Its size makes it a preferred choice for professional studios requiring midfield monitoring with the ability to cover larger rooms.

KS Digital C5 Reference

The KS Digital C5-Reference monitors are equipped with a 5" coaxial mid-bass driver and an integrated tweeter, which offers unique point source reproduction for precise stereo positioning. They offer a linear frequency response across the entire listening area and are known for their detailed and transparent sound reproduction known.

Their compact size makes them ideal as a reference for near-field monitoring in small to medium-sized studios where precision is the focus.

Consider this tip for new studio speakers

Install new studio speakers correctly

If you buy new monitoring monitors , you should first let them play music at room volume (not too loud) for a few hours. After unpacking, you can turn on any live stream and leave the house for a few hours. A so-called break-in time is rarely specified by manufacturers, but the sound of your studio monitors improves enormously after a few hours or days.

Why is that?

A loudspeaker fresh from the factory behaves in a similar way to a newly purchased shoe that you first have to wear in for a few days before the stiff rubber loosens a little and gives way. So if you turn the volume up completely immediately after unpacking, it can happen that the material used on or in the speaker tears and becomes damaged. Over time, the rubber surrounds become more flexible and the electrical components produce a better sound.

This is how you set up studio speakers correctly

This is how you set up studio speakers correctly:

Take a little distance from the wall when setting up your home studio and your near-field monitors , otherwise annoying reflections can occur due to the so-called pressure build-up effect.

  • Triangle Formation : Place the monitors and your listening position in an equilateral triangle for the best stereo image.
  • At ear level : The tweeters should be at the level of your ears when you are sitting.
  • Avoid room modes : Experiment with positioning to minimize standing waves and bass boost.


Choosing the right studio speaker or monitoring monitor can be overwhelming, but the models above will ensure you make an informed decision. Always remember: the best monitor is the one that suits your individual needs and work environment.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing studio speakers

  1. Consider the size of your room.
  2. Decide whether you need nearfield or midfield monitors.
  3. Pay attention to the connection options and whether they are compatible with your current equipment.
  4. Test different models if possible to get a feel for how they sound.

Where can you buy studio speakers & monitoring monitors?

Specialist shops for musical instruments and audio technology, online marketplaces and directly from the manufacturers. Make sure to read reviews and, if possible, listen before you decide.

The most frequently asked questions about studio speakers and monitoring monitors

What is the difference between active and passive monitors?

Active monitors have built-in amplifiers, while passive ones require external amplifiers.

Do I need a subwoofer in my home studio?

This depends on your genre and your preferences. A subwoofer can be useful for hearing low frequencies more accurately, but is not absolutely necessary. Most producers and engineers rely on a simple 2.0 stereo system.

How important are room acoustics?

Very important. Even the best monitors cannot develop their full potential in a poorly treated room, so make sure the room acoustics are optimized. If you don't want to spend money on acoustic modules, you can at least improve the room acoustics a little with some home remedies, such as a carpet or plants.

Can studio monitors be used for entertainment purposes?

Yes, but they are designed for honest playback, not for “prettier” listening to music or films. A hi-fi system is designed to intensify your listening experience by boosting certain frequency bands and is more suitable for entertainment purposes.

How do I set up my monitors correctly?

They should be at ear level and form an equilateral triangle with your listening position, with the tweeters aimed directly at your ears.

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