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De-Esser Tutorial: Wie du Zischlaute in deiner Musik kontrollierst

De-Esser Tutorial: How to control sibilance in your music

Welcome to our ultimate De-Esser Guide 2024! In this tutorial, you'll learn what a de-esser is, how to use it, and simple tips to control sibilance in mixing.
Effizienter Arbeiten in PreSonus Studio One 6: Alles über Makrobefehle

Work more efficiently in PreSonus Studio One 6: All about macro commands

Are you a PreSonus Studio One user looking for ways to optimize the way you work? Then let us introduce you to the world of macro commands! In this article, you'll learn how macro commands work in...
Vocal Mixing Tools für alle Genres - 6 Audio Plugins die Vocals auf ein neues Level bringen

Vocal mixing tools for all genres - 6 audio plugins that take vocals to a new level

These 6 audio plugins are essential tools for professionally mixing your vocals in pop and hip-hop productions. Refine your vocal mixing skills and take your vocals to a professional level with a ...
beatcon 2023: Dein Ticket zur Welt der Hiphop-Produktion

beatcon 2023: Your ticket to the world of hip hop production

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of hip-hop production at beatcon 2023! Find out from the top producers in the scene and learn in inspiring workshops. beatcon is the place where hip-hop en...
Dein Erster Auftritt – Sänger LMXX (Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Trey Songz) gibt vier Tipps für die Bühne

Your First Performance - Singer LMXX (Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, Trey Songz) gives four tips for the stage

The past time has been difficult for live musicians, singers, DJs, actors and many other professions in the creative industry, but luckily things are looking up again! Maybe one or the other has al...
Im Interview: Duo Mastering – Songwriting, Mixing, Mastering und die Zusammenarbeit mit Mike Singer, Moe Phoenix & Cro – Teil 2/2

In an interview: Duo Mastering – songwriting, mixing, mastering and working with Mike Singer, Moe Phoenix & Cro – Part 2/2

Today you will learn more about mastering and what it looks like behind the scenes of the music industry from Farzad Rahnavard (Duo Mastering). Join us on a journey through projects from Cro, Moe P...
Im Interview: Duo Mastering - Songwriting, Arrangement, Mastering und die Zusammenarbeit mit Mike Singer, Moe Phoenix & Cro - Teil 1/2

Interview: Duo Mastering - songwriting, arrangement, mastering and working with Mike Singer, Moe Phoenix & Cro - Part 1/2

In the following interview we meet the musicians and producers Tonee Jukeboxx and Farzad Rahnavard (Duo Mastering) in Hamburg and learn, among other things, how contacts in the industry can be made...
Musik veröffentlichen - Die ultimative Anleitung für Releases auf Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL und Co.!

Publish music - The ultimate guide for releases on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and Co.!

More and more friends ask me if I could help them get their music out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. So to answer all questions before and after the release I am writing this article for all musicia...
Die hilfreichsten YouTube Kanäle für Musiker und Produzenten 2021 | Meine Top 50 Empfehlungen

The Most Helpful YouTube Channels for Musicians and Producers 2021 | My top 50 recommendations

Nowadays there are numerous YouTubers who try to make music production easy to teach and many succeed really well! The most helpful and educational YouTube channels 2021 for musicians and producers...

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