Vocal Mixing Tools für alle Genres - 6 Audio Plugins die Vocals auf ein neues Level bringen

Vocal mixing tools for all genres - 6 audio plugins that take vocals to a new level

These 6 audio plugins are essential tools for professionally mixing your vocals in pop and hip-hop productions. Refine your vocal mixing skills and take your vocals to a professional level with a few simple tricks.

When it comes to producing modern pop, hip-hop and house music, the quality of vocal mixing is crucial. The vocals are often the heart of a song and must be clear, powerful and well mixed. In this comprehensive guide, we will introduce you to the best audio plugins that will help you take your vocal tracks to a professional level. From pitch detection to sound refinement, these plugins are essential tools for every music producer.

The Top 6 Audio Plugins for Vocal Production

  1. VocAlign Ultra

If you have polyphonic vocals in your mix and want them to sound seamlessly together, then VocAlign Ultra is your best friend. This timing correction plugin is known for its precision and ease of use. It will help you perfectly match your vocals and give your song a professional touch.

  1. FabFilter Pro Q3

FabFilter Pro Q3 is a highly flexible and dynamic M/S equalizer with an intuitive user interface and Oversampling. It allows for detailed sound adjustments and is perfect for precisely inserting vocals into the mix.

  1. Oxford SuprEsser

The Oxford SuprEsser is specially designed to eliminate annoying S-sounds and hissing sounds in vocal recordings. Available in VST, AU and AAX versions, it offers an effective solution to this problem.

  1. Antares Auto-Tune Pro X

The Antares Auto-Tune Pro X plugin is extremely versatile and offers extensive pitch correction options. It ranges from subtle corrections to the legendary Auto-Tune effect. With versions for VST, AU and AAX, it is compatible in most DAWs . This tool is a professional option for mixing engineers.

  1. Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor

The Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor remains the first choice for professional studios worldwide when it comes to vocal compression. This plugin provides smooth, radio-ready dynamics control for vocals, guitars, bass, and more.

Get the LA-2A compressor from Universal Audio for free here at Plugin Boutique until October 31, 2023! Otherwise, you can get the LA-2A compressor from UAD in the Teletronix LA-2A Leveler Collection bundle.

  1. Little AlterBoy

    The Little Alterboy plugin is a creative tool for vocal alienation. It enables effects like pitch shift, formant change and more to create unique vocal sounds. Ideal for creative vocal productions.

    Now that we've introduced each plugin , let's explore the world of vocal mixing by using them one by one on the track.

    Step by step to the perfect vocal mix

    Step 1: Alignment and timing correction with VocAlign Project 5

    The VocAlign Project 5 plugin is a real game changer in vocal mixing. With its precise alignment and timing correction, different vocal takes are harmoniously combined.

    Step 2: Fine sound adjustments with FabFilter Pro Q3

    The FabFilter Pro Q3 allows for subtle adjustments or radical sound changes. Reduce annoying frequencies and increase harmonics.

    Step 3: Eliminate hissing sounds with Sonnox DeEss

    Sonnox SuprEsser is essential for eliminating sharp S sounds and hissing sounds in vocal recordings. High-frequency hissing sounds are particularly annoying at high volumes.

    Step 4: Pitch correction with Antares Autotune

    Antares Autotune offers a wide range of possibilities, from subtle pitch correction to creative effects. Change your vocals completely or use Antares Autotune subtly to support singers and let them hit every note.

    Step 5: Dynamic Control with Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor

    Give your vocals professional, smooth and radio-ready dynamics control for a balanced and powerful mix with the Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor . For vocals, choose a short attack time and just a slightly longer release time for the best results.

    Step 6: Creativity and Effects with Little Alterboy

    Little Alterboy opens up a world of creativity for unique vocal effects and alienation. Ideal for Harmonies, doubles and adlibs.

    Frequently asked questions about vocal mixing and audio plugins

    Which audio plugins are particularly suitable for beginners in vocal mixing?

    For beginners in vocal mixing, we recommend starting with FabFilter Pro Q3 and Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor - two important tools that you will use more often. Pro Q3 offers an easy-to-use interface for basic equalizer adjustments. Universal Audio LA-2A Tube Compressor allows good compression without complex settings.

    How can I reduce unwanted S sounds in my vocal recordings?

    Unwanted S sounds can be effectively removed with the plugin Sonnox SuprEsser can be reduced. It offers precise deesser functions that gently remove S sounds without affecting vocal quality. With a so-called pop protection like the Popkiller from K&M, S and plosive sounds can be avoided during recording.

    Which audio plugins are best suited for creative vocal effects?

    For creative vocal effects Little Alterboy ideal. This plugin opens up a variety of possibilities for unique vocal modifications and effects that give your music an individual touch.

    Are there free alternatives to the audio plugins presented?

    Yes, there are free alternatives to the audio plugins presented. For example, the free plugin "Spitfish" can serve as a deesser, and "TDR Nova" is a free equalizer. These plugins are ideal for budget-conscious musicians.

    Which DAWs are these plugins compatible with?

    The featured plugins are compatible with most popular DAWs such as Ableton Live , Avid Pro Tools , PreSonus Studio One , FL Studio , Logic Pro, and others. Make sure you choose the right plugin version for your DAW , be it VST, AU or AAX.

    With these tried-and-tested plugins and our step-by-step instructions, you'll be well equipped to take your vocals to the next level in your house, pop and hip-hop productions. Start today and mix your vocals properly!

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