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beatcon 2023: Dein Ticket zur Welt der Hiphop-Produktion

beatcon 2023: Dein Ticket zur Welt der Hiphop-Produktion

Tauche ein in die faszinierende Welt der Hiphop-Produktion auf der beatcon 2023! Erfahre von den Top-Producern der Szene und lerne in inspirierenden Workshops. Die beatcon ist der Ort, an dem sich ...
Neu! Spotlight Collection: EAST ASIA von Native Instruments jetzt erhältlich

New! Spotlight Collection: EAST ASIA by Native Instruments now available

Native Instruments has released a new Sound Library! Spotlight Collection: EAST ASIA contains unique and authentic sounds from China, Japan and Korea.
In eigener Sache: RETERNITY Essentials Kollektion (prod. by Beshko)

On our own behalf: RETERNITY Essentials Collection (prod. by Beshko)

It's been almost two years since the street fashion label RETERNITY used one of my beats for their 'ATTACK' collection for the first time. 40,000 followers and a busy year 2020 later I was allowed ...
Native Instruments und iZotope gründen zusammen die Audio & Music Creator Group

Native Instruments and iZotope form the Audio & Music Creator Group

Exciting tech news! A week ago, on March 11th, the two software giants iZotope and Native Instruments announced that they would be playing in a team from now on and founding the “Audio & Music Crea...
Native Instruments Update: Plugins sind ab sofort mit Big Sur (macOS) kompatibel!

Native Instruments Update: Plugins are now compatible with Big Sur (macOS)!

As of yesterday, almost all software and hardware products from Native Instruments (NI) are compatible with the new Apple OS Big Sur. The updates can be conveniently installed using the Native Acce...
Ableton Live 11 ist ab sofort erhältlich! Hier bekommst du die neue Version

Ableton Live 11 is available now! You can get the new version here

The new version of Ableton Live is finally here! Many were looking forward to yesterday's release. Here you can find out everything about the innovations, personal offers and EDU versions.
TOCO gewinnt den TPN Beat:Hacks Contest 2020 geschrieben von Beshko |

TOCO wins the TPN Beat:Hacks Contest 2020

A few weeks ago, The Producer Network announced the launch of the first TPN Beat:Hacks Contest. Over Easter, everyone had a chance to mix unique STEMS and win valuable software from iZotope and Abl...
Erster Blogbeitrag - Erste Kollaboration (Reternity ATTACK Kollektion) geschrieben von Beshko |

First Blog Post - First Collaboration (Reternity ATTACK Collection)

The young fashion label is making a statement with its autumn/winter collection 'ATTACK': the fashion market is now being attacked! Check out the label that rapper Luciano and fashion influencer Wi...

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