MPW Update 2024: Shop, Merchandise, Tools und neue UX

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Discover the latest updates at MPW! Experience an improved user experience with optimized navigation and new free audio tools in the browser. Find out more about our DAW extensions and get the unique MPW merchandise or an exclusive 808 cap in the new MPW online shop.

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Welcome to the MPW Update 2024! This post gives you an insight into the latest developments, technical advances and goals we are aiming for at MPW in 2024.

MPW update 2024

The following changes are an excerpt of the changes, technical advances and goals for 2024.

Updated user guidance

Over the last few weeks, as promised, we have been working hard on improvements and technical changes to our website, while at the same time sending out our first ever MPW newsletter.

The entire user experience has been optimized to make navigating the different topics, chapters and levels even more enjoyable. One of the most notable innovations is the integration of free audio tools directly into our platform.

Free audio tools with just one click

We are pleased to announce the integration of free audio tools that you can use quickly and conveniently directly from your web browser, without complex installations or annoying search on the Internet, you can use it.

MPW - Free Free Online Audio Tool


Under Audio Tools in the navigation menu you will find a diverse selection of programs, from the free AI Voice Generator & Converter to the M/S Calculator , which are useful for both music production and audio post-production . These tools are available not only to music producers, but also to content creators who, for example, want to dub YouTube videos or film documentaries with artificial intelligence or add a voice-over .

Improved user guidance thanks to technical changes

One of the most significant changes concerns our shop system, which we have completely redesigned. The online shop now only displays MPW products. This not only means numerous technical advantages, but also the advantage for you as a user that outdated prices or unavailable products will no longer be displayed.

MPW - Choose a chapter or your level

In addition to our comprehensive offering, you will find a guide, individual dedicated chapters, and a carefully curated collection of recommended products (Best Of) in every category, be it hardware (studio equipment) or software (audio software). We are aware that some important topics are still missing and will endeavor to create these for you step by step.

Topics of upcoming blog posts

We have a clear plan for the coming months. We will alternately present recommendations for audio plugins and studio hardware and supplement these with detailed instructions. These contributions will be gradually integrated into our website and the platform will be expanded to include new pages. So until the end of the year you can expect regular updates and look forward to blog posts that build on one another and offer you a comprehensive insight into the world of music production.

Better availability in English

We have already started improving the translations on our website. thanks to the Community feedback, we have some incorrect translations, for example from Dr. Just Dr. have made a turn, corrected.

Our goal is to have the entire website fully available in English by the end of the year, both in terms of texts and interface.

MPW Merchandise & Support

MPW is a self-financed community and independent project. Our mission is to provide relevant and useful resources for audio engineers, music producers and content creators in the audio and film industries.

We continuously work to deliver high quality and honest content and invest in unique designs and ways in which you can support the project financially, because the effort includes not only costs for domain, hosting, audio and design software and technical support, but also requires a lot of time for research and development.

DAW extensions for PreSonus Studio One

You can already purchase the MPW macro toolbars for PreSonus Studio One in the MPW online shop . A DAW expansion with over 450 customizable macro commands!

100% of the income supports the project. In addition, we are already actively working with content creators from Germany to expand our range to include useful software downloads for the shop.

808 cap in embroidery design

We're still unsure whether you're interested in exclusive caps, but we just want to give it a try: Starting next week, the legendary 808 cap with exclusive embroidery designs will be available in limited quantities in the MPW online shop .


808 Cap with Stick - Exclusive to MPW


We have to use a so-called print-on-demand service, which produces the product with our design specifically for you after your order.

Such products are called personalized products and unfortunately cannot be returned if you are not satisfied or the size is incorrect, so it is very important that you are satisfied with the design presented.

Please note that the 808 Cap is a personalized product that will be made specifically for you after your order. Returns due to dissatisfaction or incorrect size are not possible. If the item you ordered has a production defect, then of course a manufacturer's warranty applies and we can take the ordered item back.

The 808 Cap is equipped with an adjustable metal closure and is available in one size.

By purchasing the 808 Cap you support the project and help us to develop further exclusive and useful content as well as new and limited designs.

MPW Merchandise - 5 Year Special

In addition to the legendary 808 cap, we will offer special MPW merchandise . We attach great importance to the highest quality, which is why we have decided to connect another print-on-demand service from Germany. This service offers T-shirts, sweatshirts, zippers and hoodies of the best quality.


In the case of a product shipment, only the return address changes for you. Otherwise, you and MPW benefit equally: We can deliver you products of the highest quality at lightning speed and offer environmentally friendly packaging, MPW branding and cool product inserts.

The MPW merchandise will have an elegant 5-year embroidery design and will be available in selected colors. Please note that returns are not possible due to dissatisfaction or incorrect size. In the event of product defects, a manufacturer's guarantee naturally applies. With a purchase you support the project and help us to develop further exclusive and useful content.

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