Die besten De-Esser Plugins für Vocal Mixing 2024

The Best De-Esser Plugins for Vocal Mixing 2024

Ready for the next step in your vocal mixing? This test report presents the top de-esser plugins of 2024. From the classics to the new releases - discover how these tools master sibilants with precision. No matter whether you are an experienced engineer or looking for free solutions, you will find the perfect de-esser plugin here.

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If you've found your way here, then you're probably looking for the best de-esser plugins 2024 for your vocal mixing. And don't worry, you've landed at the right place. In this blog post we will introduce you to the latest and most popular de-esser plugins of the year and give you valuable tips for your productions. Find out which plugins are conquering studios worldwide and let's dive into the fascinating world of vocal mixing together.

What is a De-Esser?

Before we get into the best de-esser plugins , let’s briefly clarify what a de-esser actually is. A de-esser is a tool specifically designed to control those annoying "S" sounds, also known as sibilants, in vocal recordings. These sharp, hissing noises can be annoying when mixing. A de-esser will help smooth them out gently without affecting the overall quality of the shot.

What does a de-esser plugin do?

A de-esser plugin analyzes the audio signal and automatically detects the sibilant frequencies. It allows you to specifically reduce these frequencies without affecting the natural sound quality of the voice. Modern de-essers often offer dynamic settings that automatically adjust to different parts of your recording for a subtle and natural result.

Is a de-esser plugin included in my DAW?

Not all digital audio workstations (DAWs) offer pre-installed de-esser plugins (also called stock plugins ), so it is advisable to purchase de-esser plugins from third parties. These are usually available in all common formats (VST, AU and AAX) .

Alternatively, if your DAW doesn't have a dedicated de-esser plugin , you can try using a compressor or equalizer to reduce or contain hissing sounds. Let’s take a closer look at the best de-esser plugins for 2024.

The best de-esser plugins 2024

Quick overview:

Weiss Deess

Weiss Deess is the crème de la crème of de-esser plugins . Based on the legendary Weiss DS1-MK3 hardware, it not only offers dynamic control over sibilants, but also impressive sound quality. Its precise setting allows for fine-tuned editing, ideal for professional productions. Audio engineers appreciate the quality and versatility of this plugin . Ideal for precise de-essing in professional productions.

Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser

The Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser is an advanced de-esser with dynamic EQ known for the highest quality. Its precise control over sibilants makes it the first choice in studios seeking top performance. This plugin is also particularly suitable for demanding recordings.

Antares SYBIL

When simplicity meets effectiveness, you meet Antares SYBIL . This de-esser processes sibilants and is particularly user-friendly. This is ideal for beginners or as a quick alternative Budget-friendly plugin provides solid control over annoying sibilance.

    SSL DeEss

    The new SSL DeEss plugin uses the classic SSL compressors and offers precise de-essing options. Its proximity to vintage sound makes it popular with audio engineers. Perfect for lovers of nostalgic sound and fans of the legendary manufacturer Solid State Logic .

    FabFilter Pro DS

    The FabFilter Pro-DS plugin is one of the most widespread plugins in the de-esser category and offers dynamic and, above all, transparent sibilant control. With an intuitive user interface, precise settings and an oversampling function of up to 16x, this plugin is perfect for demanding tasks as well as an all-rounder for every everyday situation.

    Waves DeEsser

    Waves DeEsser is a basic and easy-to-use tool for sibilants control. Ideal for beginners, professionals and experienced high-end engineers.

    Waves Renaissance DeEsser

    The Renaissance DeEsser plugin from Waves was specially developed to effectively reduce sibilants. Compared to the Waves DeEsser, the Waves Renaissance DeEsser offers an expanded user interface and additional parameters for more precise control over sibilants. The Renaissance version is more popular for its flexibility and effectiveness.

    Waves Sibilance

    Waves Sibilance goes one step further by using modern technology for precise sibilance control. Compared to its older siblings, the Waves Renaissance DeEsser and the Waves DeEsser , Waves Sibilance tries to set a new standard by also relying on sound synthesis.

    Hofa IQ DeEsser

    With its intelligent frequency analysis, the Hofa IQ-DeEsser is an innovative plugin . It offers a dynamic setting and is very popular among some audio engineers and students.

    SPL De-Esser Collection

    SPL De-Esser Collection offers a wide range of de-esser plugins with various options. This flexibility makes them a popular choice in recording studios.

    UAD Precision De-Esser

    For users of universal audio systems, the UAD Precision De-Esser is an obvious choice. It integrates seamlessly into the UAD ecosystem and offers excellent control over Sibilants.

    Eventide UltraChannel

    The Eventide UltraChannel is just a de-esser plugin , but a complete channel strip with an integrated de-esser algorithm and a real insider tip among the mixing plugins . It is ideal for comprehensive and final signal processing and is therefore often used in mastering studios and high-quality productions.

    iZotope Nectar

    As an all-in-one vocal processing tool, iZotope Nectar not only offers a built-in de-esser function, but also a comprehensive vocal recording solution. Beginners in particular should be particularly comfortable with the simple user interface and can quickly achieve professional results thanks to the numerous presets.

      All of these de-esser plugins are at the top of the industry, each with unique features that meet the needs of audio engineers and recording studios. Choose the De-Esser plugin that best suits your workflow and musical vision.

      Free De-Esser Plugins 2024 for download

      Airwindows De-Ess
      • Special features: Simple and effective de-esser plugin .
      • Application tip: Free tool for basic sibilant control.
      • Formats: VST, AU
      Spitfish by Digitalfishphones
      • Special features: Free de-esser with easy operation.
      • Application tip: Suitable for beginners and budget productions.
      • Formats: VST
      Tokyo Dawn Labs TDR Nova
      • Special features: Actually an equalizer , but offers dynamic EQ functions for de-essing.
      • Application tip: Flexible and powerful for various applications.
      • Formats: VST, AU, AAX

      Here you can find more free audio plugins as VST, AU and AAX: The best 50 free audio plugins 2024 for music production, mixing & mastering

      Keep these tips in mind when choosing a de-esser plugin

      Before you choose a de-esser plugin , consider these tips:

      • Know your needs: Consider whether you need a specialized de-esser for professional productions, whether an equalizer, a compressor or even a free plugin will do.
      • Test demo versions: Most manufacturers offer demo versions. Use this to make sure the plugin fits your workflow.
      • Compatibility: Make sure the EQ plugin works with yours DAW compatible and available in the required format (VST, AU or AAX) .
      • Oversampling: Pay attention to an oversampling function for demanding productions, as aliasing effects are particularly noticeable at high frequencies.

      The most frequently asked questions about de-esser plugins

      Do I really need a special de-esser plugin or is an equalizer sufficient?

      A dedicated de-esser plugin often offers special algorithms for precise control over sibilants. While an equalizer can be an alternative, de-essers are specifically tailored to this task and often produce better results.

      Are free de-esser plugins as effective as paid ones?

      Free de-essers can be quite effective, especially for basic applications. However, paid plugins often offer more features, flexibility and higher sound quality.

      Can I also use De-Esser plugins on other instruments?

      Yes, many de-esser plugins are not only suitable for vocals, but can also be used on instruments with sharp, hissing frequencies if necessary.

      How do I find the right setting for my de-esser?

      Experiment with the settings by emphasizing the frequencies and then gradually reducing them. Make sure that the natural sound of the voice is preserved.

      Does a de-esser plugin work in real time while recording?

      Yes, most de-esser plugins can be used in real time during recording to control unwanted sibilants while recording.

      With these tips, recommendations and answers to frequently asked questions, you are now well prepared to choose the ideal de-esser plugins for your vocal mixing. Whether you're looking for professional and sophisticated or budget-friendly options, the variety of plugins available offers a solution for every need. Try them out and improve your mixing!

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