Native Instruments und iZotope gründen zusammen die Audio & Music Creator Group

Native Instruments and iZotope form the Audio & Music Creator Group

Exciting tech news! A week ago, on March 11th, the two software giants iZotope and Native Instruments announced that they would be playing in a team from now on and founding the “Audio & Music Creator Group” together.

Exciting tech news! A week ago, on March 11th, the two software giants iZotope and Native Instruments announced that they would be playing in a team from now on and founding the “Audio & Music Creator Group” together. You can find out exactly what that means and what we can expect in this article.

The press release about the merger that went around last week was good news at last! The two tech companies Native Instruments and iZotope will allow the huge product ranges, consisting of hardware and software, to grow even further - and above all more closely - together in the future. That's why they founded the "Audio & Music Creator Group".

One thing first: the two companies will not merge; they will remain as individual companies, but will work much more closely together in the future. For example, the two CEOs of NI and iZotope will act as co-presidents of the new "Audio & Music Creator Group" and co-lead it.

In their press release, the two companies talk about their common goals, dreams and their previous successes. They also talk about previous collaborations between the two companies, such as where iZotope introduced NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) support for Ozone. With their newly founded task force, the two companies want to make making music even easier for us and use the full potential of their technologies. So we have a high probability of new integrations and seamless compatibility to look forward to! Good luck to Native Instruments and iZotope and all the best for the new collaboration.

The full press release (ENG) from Native Instruments CEO Constantin Köhncke and iZotope CEO Mark Ethier can be found below:

"Today we're both very excited to announce a new alliance between iZotope and Native Instruments, teaming up to form a new music and audio creator group. We want to share a little bit about why this is exciting for us – and most importantly – for you, the creators, producers, and engineers who use our products daily.

Between us, we share a vision where music making and audio production is easier and more accessible, no matter where you are in your creative journey or process. We believe that by combining forces, we can shape a future where you have everything you need to create your best work.

If you're wondering what this partnership looks like in practical terms, it actually will look very familiar for now, but with many more exciting possibilities ahead. Native Instruments and iZotope will continue to exist independently, with our own leadership, teams, brands, and product lines. But when it comes to defining our shared future and vision, the two of us will work side-by-side as co-presidents of the new group, supported by our talented and passionate teams.

There have been many times in our history where we've wondered what it would be like to partner more closely. Past collaborations, like when iZotope introduced NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) to Ozone 9, gave us a glimmer of the potential. We share a depth of experience in the industry, with NI's journey beginning in 1996 and iZotope's in 2001. We both have unique and complementary strengths - from iZotope's intelligent audio processing to NI's innovative instruments, effects, and integrated hardware. Through our partnership, there are infinite possibilities for close collaboration, sharing of knowledge and technology, and enhancement of our product offerings.

As more and more people get into music making and audio production, they're looking for better and easier ways to realize their ideas or to get started on their journey. To take an idea out of their head and put it into the world, or to put the finishing touches on their project.Together, iZotope and Native Instruments will be able to break down barriers and make it easier for producers, engineers, and musicians to realize their creative vision

Our imaginations are already running wild thinking of the ways we can make things better and easier for you with the combination of our talent and technology, and we can't wait to see what you will create.
All the best,
Con and Mark"

The official press release can be read on the NI homepage here: We're joining forces with iZotope; here's what that means


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