Ein Blick auf 2024: Neue Abenteuer und spannende Entwicklungen bei MPW

A look at 2024: New adventures and exciting developments at MPW

An exciting year awaits you at MPW! Expect weekly articles, compelling interviews and exclusive Macro Toolbars for Studio One. Don't miss our new social media updates! We say THANK YOU for your support and have prepared a special end of the year for you! Find out more in this post.

Hey, we hope you have a great time and enjoy the festive season. It's almost unbelievable how quickly this year has gone by - but before we finally dive into the holidays, we'd like to take a look with you at what MPW has planned for the coming year. And we promise you, it will be exciting!

A new article every week - The Challenge

MPW 2024 - Innovations at Musikproducer Werden.de

Starting in 2024, you can look forward to a brand new article here on the official MPW blog every Thursday at 8 a.m. This means that we have prepared 52 exciting articles for you next year, packed with knowledge, tips and inspiration from the scene. Although this challenge requires a lot of work and research, and although we are not professional bloggers, we are confident that we can overcome it. We look forward to your comments and feedback on our contributions!

New interviews at the beginning of the year

Duo Mastering x MPW - New interviews 2024 exclusively on Musikproducer Werden.de

The start of the new year will be particularly exciting at MPW . We have already conducted interviews with some amazing personalities. Duo Mastering gave us insight into their collaborations with labels, and you can expect a total reading time of over 30 minutes! We also had the pleasure of interviewing other music producers and audio engineers and learning more about their work. These interviews are extremely informative and recommended. Feel free to share with your friends and let us know in the comments what interests you and who you would like us to talk to next!!

MPW Macro Toolbars for PreSonus Studio One

If you, like us, are a big fan of the DAW PreSonus Studio One , then you'll love this news: We've created over 250 personalized macros that not only make working with Studio One extremely easy, but also give the DAW completely new functions . The Macro Toolbars will soon be available in the official MPW shop and exclusively at Musikproduzentwerden.de . This will take your workflow efficiency to a whole new level!

MPW Newsletter 2024

We want to grow, so we cordially invite you to register for the new MPW newsletter. As a subscriber to our free newsletter, you will receive a monthly summary of the most important news as well as exclusive offers and flash deals. Register here or at the bottom of the post and join the community too!

Social media updates

We know how important it is to always be up to date. That's why we will post the latest blog posts weekly on our social media platforms ( Instagram & Facebook ). Don't forget to follow us there so you don't miss any news.

MPW as an app

You can bookmark MPW or add the website directly to your home screen for even quicker access to the portal. Simply follow these video instructions for Apple smartphones (iOS):

A look ahead to 2024

For MPW readers, much remains the same - in the best sense of the word. The new, modern gray and blue design will remain, but we will carry out regular performance updates on the website and adapt and optimize the texts in the guides to the current times.

You can also look forward to a brand new blog post every Thursday at 8am. We will also share the posts on Instagram and Facebook so that you don't miss them and will also summarize the most important news every month in the new MPW newsletter.

I, Beshko, would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your support. Musikproduzentwerden.de started as a small project in 2019, but thanks to the help of Dakoe and many others, it has grown enormously in 2022. That's why next week, at the end of the year, we have prepared something very special for you: The best 50 free audio plugins of ALL TIME and our personal top picks for 2024 . Nice, right?

Closing words

With all these exciting plans and projects, we are looking forward to a fantastic 2024. But before that happens, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year on behalf of the entire MPW team. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

See you soon and enjoy the holidays!


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