Black Friday 2023: Studio Equipment & Hardware Deals für Musiker, Producer & Engineers

Black Friday 2023: Studio Equipment & Hardware Deals for Musicians, Producers & Engineers

Discover the unbeatable studio deals during this year's Thomann Cyber ​​Week! Over 900 hand-picked offers offer musicians, producers and audio engineers the chance to get hold of high-quality equipment with a discount of up to 60%. From guitars and amps to synths and more – the variety is impressive.
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The days are getting shorter, the nights are longer, and that can only mean one thing: Thomann Cyber ​​Week 2023 is just around the corner! In November 2023 you can look forward to over 900 hand-picked deals - from guitars to amps to synths and more. Here's how to get the best studio equipment & hardware deals this Black Friday.

When is Cyberweek 2023?

Thomann Cyberweek 2023 starts this year on Friday, November 17th (today!) and runs until Monday, November 27th. Mark these days in your calendar because unbeatable hardware and software offers for musicians, producers and audio engineers await you at Thomann !

Enjoy special gifts and discounts on popular Studio Gear. If you're specifically looking for audio plugins, you can also take a look at Plugin Boutique 's Black Friday deals - there's something for everyone this year.

The best deals for musicians, producers & audio engineers

No matter whether you are an experienced musician, aspiring producer or aspiring audio engineer – Thomann Cyberweek has something in store for everyone. Let's take a look at the hottest deals!

Audio interfaces for professional productions

Do you dream of sound quality that takes your productions to a new level? Get attractive discounts on high-quality audio interfaces – the heart of your studio.

Universal Audio Apollo X4 Heritage Edition

    Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd Gen

    Boss GCS-8 Gigcaster8

    Audio interfaces are now during Thomann Cyber ​​Week on offer. Discover a variety of high-quality models at unbeatable prices.

    Use Thomann Cyber ​​Week to secure the best deals on audio interfaces.

    Studio speakers with special precision

    Is there a strong desire for immersive sound in your studio? The Thomann Cyber ​​Week fulfills this wish. Get discounts on studio speakers, nearfield monitors and reference monitors – essential for every audiophile.

      Genelec 8341 RAW

      KS Digital C5 Reference black

      Neumann KH 750 DSP AES67

          Swissonic X8

          Studio speakers and monitoring monitors, the indispensable basis for precise mixing and mastering, are available at a discount during Thomann Cyber ​​Week .

          Get the best deals and optimize your studio setup for an outstanding listening experience.

          Mic preamps in a class of their own

          Do you dream of precise sound shaping and impressive microphone preamps? Get discounts on the best mic preamps in the industry.

          Neumann V 402

          Neve 1073 DPD

          Chandler Limited TG2 500

          Microphone preamps and mic preamps are essential tools for high-quality audio recording. Explore a wide range of high-quality models at unbeatable prices.

          Take advantage of Thomann Cyber ​​Week to get exclusive deals on microphone preamplifiers and mic pre amps. Get the best deals, optimize your recording situation and expand the sonic possibilities of your studio.

          Microphones for the perfect vocals

          Are you longing for the perfect microphone for every recording? Get great discounts on microphones – the essential companions for every artist and studio enthusiast.

          Neumann M49V set

          Chandler Limited REDD Microphone

          Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording Set

          High-quality studio microphones, which are indispensable tools for first-class recordings, are on offer during Thomann Cyber ​​Week . Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality models at unbeatable prices.

          Discover the variety of high-quality recording solutions and optimize your studio equipment at unbeatable conditions.

          Acoustic room optimization: recording accessories

          Do you still need an optimal recording ambience? Thomann Cyber ​​Week makes it possible. Get exclusive offers on recording accessories & acoustic elements – the basis for acoustic precision.

          the t.bone Micscreen XL

          the t.bone MicScreen Desktop

          Vicoustic VicBooth Ultra 2x3 White Mate

          Find acoustic elements and recording accessories that are essential for optimal sound quality on offer during Thomann Cyber ​​Week . Explore a wide range of high-quality models at unbeatable prices.

          Get the best deals, optimize your recording situation and create the ideal acoustic environment for your creative projects.

          Studio headphones on offer

          Do you want precise monitoring and maximum comfort? The Thomann Cyber ​​Week fulfills this wish. Get discounts on studio headphones now.

          Dan Clark Audio STEALTH

          Neumann NDH 20 Black Edition

          Mackie MC-450

          Studio headphones are indispensable companions for precise monitoring and immersive sound. Take advantage of Thomann Cyber ​​Week to secure exclusive deals for studio headphones.

          Discover a wide selection of first-class models that meet your needs for sound quality and comfort. Get the best offers now and optimize your studio experience.

          Guitar dreams come true

          Are you dreaming of a new guitar? Or maybe from a powerful amplifier? Thomann Cyberweek makes these dreams come true. Get up to 60% discount on guitars, amps and pedals – the essentials for every guitarist.

          Harley Benton CLA-15M SolidWood

          Gibson SG Standard '64 Maestro PB LA

          Fender Terry Kath Telecaster MBDG

          Guitars, the form of expression for musical creativity, are the focus of this year's Cyber ​​Week with irresistible offers. Explore a diverse selection of high-quality models at unbeatable prices and find the ideal guitar to express your sound.

          Discover a wide range of premium models whether you're a beginner or experienced guitarist. Benefit from the best offers and expand your musical journey.

          Experience diversity: Special conditions for synthesizers

          Explore new sounds with selected analog synthesizers and produce unique music.

          Behringer RD-9

          Behringer Vocoder VC340

          Korg SV-2 73

          Arturia MatrixBrute Noir

          KORG minilogue bass

          There are tempting offers on synthesizers during Thomann Cyber ​​Week . Experience a wealth of high-quality models at unbeatable prices and discover the diverse possibilities these synthesizers have for your musical creativity.

          Expand your sound palette with premium models and take your sound design to the next level.

          Creative control: deals on keyboards, MIDI and DAW controllers

          Optimize your music production with high-quality MIDI & DAW controllers. Find the best offers here to control your creative processes and create impressive tracks.

          Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2

          Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 BE

          AKAI Professional MPK 225

          MIDI controllers are the central element for creative musical control and are represented in large numbers during Thomann Cyber ​​Week .

          Discover a wide range of premium models, whether you're a beginner or an experienced music producer. Benefit from the best offers and give your musical creation more expression.

          Order, design & comfort: studio furniture

          Design your studio with style and comfort! The T homann Cyber ​​Week gives you attractive discounts on studio furniture. Create an inspiring space for your creative processes and optimize your work environment.

          Wavebone Headquarter Black Studio Desk

          Wavebone Star Rover Studio Desk

          Gator Frameworks Elite Series Sidecar

          Studio furniture, essential for organizing and furnishing your studio, is currently available at Thomann with attractive offers. Discover a selection of high-quality models at unbeatable prices.

          Benefit from the best offers and create an efficient working environment for your musical work.

          Thomann Cyberweek Deals for Audio Plugins & Studio Software

          Discover digital sound worlds with special offers for audio plugins and studio software. Thomann Cyber ​​Week provides access to high-quality tools for your digital music production and offers with up to 90% discounts.

          Ableton Live 11 Suite

          Avid Pro Tools Studio annual license

          iZotope Ozone 11 Advanced

          Audio plugins and studio software are essential tools for sound shaping and music production. Discover a wide selection of high-quality plugins and software at unbeatable prices.

          Take advantage of Thomann's Cyber ​​Week and the Black Friday deals at Plugin Boutique to secure exclusive deals on audio plugins and studio software. Discover a diverse range of best-in-class tools, whether you're a beginner or an experienced producer. Benefit from the best offers and optimize your musical production.

          Deals, deals, deals

          But that is not all! How about a high-quality outboard equalizer, a new drum set or some DJ gear? These deals also make perfect early Christmas gifts for (yourself or) musicians, audiophiles and music lovers. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect sound!

            Hercules DJ Control Inpulse T7

            High-quality DJ equipment & turntables, essential tools for every DJ, are available at attractive prices during Thomann Cyber ​​Week .

            Discover a diverse range of premium gear, whether you're an aspiring DJ or a seasoned professional. Benefit from the best offers and give your sets a new shine.

            Millenium MPS-150X E-Drum Mesh Set

            Drum sets, the rhythmic foundations of every band, are also available at attractive offers. Discover a wide selection of high-quality sets at unbeatable prices.

            Discover a diverse range of top-notch equipment, whether you're a beginner or an experienced drummer. Benefit from the best offers and take your rhythm to a new level.

            Vertigo Sound VSE-2

            Outboard equalizers and signal processors are indispensable tools for fine-tuning and sound optimization and are currently available at a discount.

            Use Thomann Cyber ​​Week to secure exclusive deals for outboard gear and signal processors. Discover a diverse range of best-in-class tools, whether you're a sound engineer or music producer. Benefit from the best offers and give your music the perfect sound texture.

            Thomann's Cyber ​​Week , Europe's largest music store, is the best time for musicians, producers and engineers to expand their studio equipment. From amps to DAW controllers to Synthesizers - from November 17th until November 29th You can save a lot with up to 90% discount on the following categories:

            offers for guitars, bass/bass guitars, Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, electric guitar amplifiers, guitars and bass effects, drums & drum kits, acoustic drums, electric drums, percussion, orchestral percussion, Keys/Keyboards, Synthesizers, Digital Pianos, Pedals & Amps, MIDI & DAW controllers, discounts on Recording equipment, microphone preamplifiers, audio interfaces, mixing consoles, Microphones/Microphones, Large Diaphragm Microphones, Wireless Microphones, USB/Podcast Microphones, Headphones, Studio Speakers, Near Field Monitors, Monitoring & Reference Monitors, Signal Processors, Brass, Traditional Instruments, Cases, Cables, Studio Accessories, PA, Lighting, DJ Gear, Video, Moving light and LED technology, vouchers, vouchers & coupon codes on audio plugins, studio tools & music software, free & free plugins as well as giveaways

            Put together your personal creative bundle and save money

            Thomann already has an impressive selection of carefully put together sets in their range. But we know that every musician is unique and has different requirements for their equipment.

            Thomann's Creative Bundles allow you to create your own customized set, ensuring you get all the components you need and save money in the process!

            How exactly can I save money?

            The answer is simple: by purchasing a Creative Bundle . Thomann offers you the opportunity to select not only the main product, but also additional items according to your needs. By purchasing an entire set, you can not only ensure you have everything you need, but also benefit from attractive discounts.

            This is how you put together your bundle:

            Do you want a bundle that suits you perfectly? No problem! From the product page of the main product you can choose your personal preferences. There is at least one product group that must be included in the set, but you also have optional products that you can add as you wish.

            At the end of the compilation process, you will not only receive the total price for your individual bundle, but also information about the savings you will achieve by purchasing the set. With a single click, your tailor-made package ends up in your shopping cart - easy, convenient and cost-saving!

            Shop offers for musicians, audio engineers & producers here!

            Are you curious and want to get started right away? Discover the variety of Thomann Creative Bundles and find the perfect set for you. No matter whether you are a musician, audio engineer or producer, Thomann has something to offer for everyone. Take advantage of the opportunity to save money while ensuring you have everything you need for your creative projects.

            Put together your personal bundle now and let yourself be inspired by the attractive offers from Thomann !

            Musikhaus Thomann: Your reliable partner in the music world

            As one of the leading providers in the music industry , Thomann has stood for the highest quality and comprehensive selection for years. The music store not only offers an impressive variety of instruments, equipment and accessories, but also first-class customer service.

            The ability to put together individual creative bundles is just one of the many innovations that Thomann has to offer. With their many years of experience and their commitment to the needs of musicians, they have established themselves as a reliable partner for creative minds.

            the t.bone: Precision and variety of sounds for your music production

            Discover a unique product range with the t.bone , which was created exclusively under the Thomann umbrella. As the proud own brand of the renowned music store , the t.bone embodies Thomann 's commitment to offering its customers excellent quality and variety. Every product under the t.bone brand has been carefully selected and developed in close collaboration with selected manufacturers to meet the highest standards.

            The variety of microphones, headphones and other audio accessories from the t.bone reflects Thomann 's expertise and stands for precision in sound quality. Whether you're performing on stage, working creatively in the studio or creating your own productions - the t.bone offers reliable products that meet the needs of musicians and audio professionals.

            Advantages at Thomann

            Why Thomann ? In addition to the unbeatable offers during Cyberweek, there are many reasons to shop at Thomann . Reliable customer service, fast delivery and a huge selection make Thomann the first port of call for musicians worldwide.

            Our previous partner contributions

            A few years ago we wrote an exciting blog post about musical instruments for children, young people and beginners in collaboration with Thomann . Feel free to take a look and discover how young talents can start their musical journey.

            Most frequently asked questions about Thomann

            How long does delivery take at Thomann?

            The delivery time at Thomann varies depending on the location and product. As a rule, however, you can expect fast and reliable delivery.

            Is there a guarantee on the products?

            Yes, Thomann offers generous guarantees on all products. You can find details on the official Thomann website .

            Can I also return products?

            Absolutely! Thomann offers a 30-day right of return. You can find information about this in the return policy on the website.

            Our experiences with Thomann

            Our own experiences with Thomann are consistently positive - as passionate music lovers, we benefit from the variety of high-quality products that Thomann offers. Safe, fast delivery and competent customer service help us value Thomann as a reliable partner. When it comes to returns, our expectations are always met and we can say from our own experience that Thomann not only offers high-quality products and good prices, but also first-class service.

            Get the best studio equipment & hardware deals during Thomann Cyberweek 2023 and experience making music in a new dimension. Look forward to unbeatable offers, high-quality products and the opportunity to live your passion.

            Black Friday 2023 – The best deals for musicians

            The most exciting time of the year for musicians and music producers is just around the corner. On November 24th, 2023 the time has finally come: Black Friday at Plugin Boutique and Thomann is taking place! This means that numerous audio software and hardware manufacturers will be showcasing their best offerings. Whether you are a musician, producer, audio engineer, artist or content creator - this day has something for each of us. And don't worry, we've got you covered! We will keep you updated with the best deals and offers on our blog. All you have to do is follow us to make sure you don't miss out on any great bargains.

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