Musikinstrumente für Kinder, Jugendliche und Einsteiger in die Musikproduktion

Musical instruments for children, young people and beginners in music production

In most federal states the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end and it will soon be time to go back to school. If you are interested in electronic music production, instruments and/or singing, then you have come to the right place. On MPW (MusicProducer musicians and producers can find useful and personal tips for every budget.

In most federal states the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end and it will soon be time to go back to school. When I really think about it, I would like to be back at school. My favorite subjects back then? Music and sport... it makes sense!

If you are interested in electronic music production, instruments and/or singing, then you have come to the right place. On MPW (MusicProducer musicians and producers can find useful and personal tips for every budget.

Studio equipment for children, teenagers and beginners in music production

Are you young and want to get into electronic music production or find out more about the profession of audio engineer? Since 2019, I've been documenting my own journey on Musikproducer and writing down useful tips for anyone who wants to get more involved with music production, songwriting, mixing & mastering.

If you want to produce music on your computer or Mac, you will of course need a music program (a so-called DAW = digital audio workstation). If you also want to record vocals, rap or instruments, you will also need an audio interface , a microphone and closed headphones .

Here on our Thomann landing page you will find the best studio equipment recommendations for children, teenagers and beginners:

If you would like to find out more about setting up your own home recording studio and learn more about audio interfaces, microphones, etc., then take a look at our studio equipment guides for beginners and those new to digital music production here:

Young people have it easier...

Children and young people simply learn new languages ​​or instruments a little faster than adults, so start early.

As a music producer, you don't necessarily have to be a multi-instrumentalist, but you should know what a scale is and have an ear for harmonies and rhythms. After all, in the recording studio you want to understand what the singer is trying to explain to you or notice when a drummer plays the rhythm being discussed too slowly.

Choose an instrument that suits you and that you can identify with. With a piano or a guitar you are very versatile and can play in many different bands, but traditional and electronic musical instruments are also very popular.

Product and purchasing advice for parents, children, young people and beginners in music production

I had a detailed telephone conversation with the helpful Thomann employees for you and received many useful tips for children, young people and parents. Here you will find an overview of the best offers from Thomann for the start of school:

  • Guitar, bass & ukulele
    • Ukelele: Suitable for children aged 4 and 5 years
    • Concert guitar & electric guitar: Suitable for ages 6 and 7
    • Click here and scroll down a bit to specify the age and find a suitable guitar: Acoustic guitars for beginners
  • Drums & Percussion
    • Even small children can play with bongos, djembes, frame drums (and cooking pots 😉).
    • Junior drum sets for children can be played by children aged 4 - 7 years ( hearing protection recommended)
    • The larger drum sets with 18" and 20" bass drums are suitable for children aged 8 and over and teenagers
  • Piano & Keyboards
    • Keyboards with velocity-sensitive keys are suitable for children aged 3-5 years. Children may find the keyboard a little easier to play at first due to the low (or no) weighting of the keys.
    • Digital pianos and concert grand pianos with fully weighted keys and hammer action are suitable for children aged 6-8 years and up (ideally the child can already read music or had early music education in kindergarten)
    • A stool and an adjustable (!) keyboard stand are sufficient accessories. Keyboards should not be placed on the table and should be at a comfortable height for playing. (Tip for parents: headphones )
    • Read music and learn scales in school lessons, with private music teachers and music schools or with the help of colorful keyboard stickers for keyboards and pianos
  • wind instruments
    • Wooden recorders can be played by small children aged 3 and over
    • Transverse flutes with a curved mouthpiece are suitable for children aged 5 and over
    • Saxophones suitable for children are available for ages 8 and up (previously not recommended because children's teeth are not yet developed. Firm teeth are a prerequisite for playing the saxophone.)
    • Even with trumpets, the dentition should already be firm and the baby teeth should be developed. Trumpets are suitable for children aged 7 and 8 at the earliest
  • String & orchestral instruments
    • For string and orchestral instruments, not only the size but also the arm length is crucial (stretch out your left arm and measure from the collarbone.)
    • Small 1/16 violins are suitable for children aged 3-5 years (35 cm - 45 cm arm length).
    • Teenagers and young adults can choose a 4/4 violin
    • When choosing the right cello, not only arm length is important, but also finger length. Children aged 3-5 years can play a small 1/16 cello , teenagers and children aged 9 and over can use larger cellos
    • With a double bass, eye level must also be taken into account. 1/16 double basses are more suitable for children with an eye height of 118 cm - 125 cm
    • 4/4 electric violins are suitable for teenagers and children aged 9-11 and with an arm length of 60 cm
    • 4/4 electric cellos and electric basses are also more suitable for adults, teenagers and children aged 10-11 and over

For instruments for small children that are made of or processed with plastic, you should pay attention to a CE certificate. It's best to get advice on site or simply ask our friends at Thomann in person. You can find the contact information for the relevant department on the product page.

As a musician you are born with talent. hear it again and again, but it rarely corresponds to reality. Musicians also practice their grips and techniques every day - especially at the beginning - and play their instruments, even if it is strenuous. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to give up a few things and maybe there are one or two parties that you can't go to because you want to go to band rehearsal the next day. Stay true to yourself; life will reward you for it.

Learn to play notes and play the piano in a playful way with keyboard stickers

With TasTutor's keyboard stickers you can playfully practice and learn scales using the printed color scale. The brilliant thing about the stickers is that over time you get used to looking at the colors and keys and internalize the scales directly while playing and practicing.

Keyboard stickers with color-coded scales for electric pianos and keyboards from TasTutor - Become a music producer

You can order the TasTutor keyboard stickers here via the official webshop:

The piano stickers fit any digital piano and keyboard with up to 88 keys!

Keyboard stickers for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation)

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is a program for producing music and editing and recording audio material. For digital music production you need such a program and a computer.

The most popular and well-known DAWs among beginners and beginners include:

There are also some free DAWs (with stripped-down features, but still). If you would like to find out more about DAWs, take a look here:

Summer holidays 2023 in Germany

If so, then already. We won't let the anticipation get away from us and have written down the calendar dates for the 2023 summer holidays in Germany for you here.

Follow our recommendations so that you can listen to your own songs during the next summer holidays! 😎🎸

Federal State summer holidays
Baden-Württemberg 27.07 - 09.09
Bavaria 31.07 - 11.09
Berlin 13.07 - 25.08
Brandenburg 13.07 - 26.08
Bremen 06.07 - 16.08
Hamburg 13.07 - 23.08
Hesse 24.07 - 01.09
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 17.07 - 26.08
Lower Saxony 06.07 - 16.08
North Rhine-Westphalia 22.06 - 04.08
Rhineland-Palatinate 24.07 - 01.09
Saarland 24.07 - 01.09
Saxony 10.07 - 18.08
Saxony-Anhalt 06.07 - 16.08
Schleswig-Holstein 17.07 - 26.08
Thuringia 10.07 - 19.08

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