Vinyl Plattenspieler Test 2024 - Turntables für Home Studios

Vinyl record player test 2024 - turntables for home studios

Discover the most popular record players in 2024 for your home studio! Top models, tips for vinyl treasures, accessories and more. In this test we present the best models of the year.
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Vinyl players or vinyl record players are making a comeback. Their unique, warm sound has once again captured the hearts of music lovers. In the midst of digitalization, the crackle of vinyl and the gentle whirring of the tonearm on the record is more than just a trend.

In this article we delve into the fascinating world of record players. From the reasons why vinyl records are back in fashion as collector's items to the latest models, you'll find out everything you need to know about these timeless audio devices.

Why vinyl records?

Vinyl records still inspire many music lovers today. The warm sound, the nostalgic crackle and the unique feel make vinyl a timeless medium and real collector's items.

What do you need for a record player?

A record player alone is not enough to enjoy the full vinyl experience. To get the most out of your music collection, you need the right accessories. From cables to interfaces to monitors and headphones - here you'll find out what you need to enjoy your vinyl to the fullest. We'll also explain why a USB port can be beneficial for digitizing your treasures.

  • Cable
    • RCA cable: Connects the turntable to an audio system or amplifier.
    • Ground Cable: Reduces hum and noise by grounding the turntable.
  • Audio interface

    • An audio interface is useful if you want to connect your record player to a computer and digitize vinyl.
    • Converts the analog signal from the record into a digital format.
  • Listening monitors
    • For an authentic listening experience in the room.
  • headphones
    • Ideal if you want to enjoy privately or are in an environment where volume should be limited.
  • USB for digitizing
    • A turntable with a USB port allows you to connect directly to a computer.
    • Advantageous if you want to transfer your vinyl collection to digital formats.
    • If the digitization function is sufficient, you could do without a separate audio interface.
These components not only make it possible to play records, but also open up possibilities for integration into modern audio setups and for archiving your vinyl collection in digital form.

    Record player test - top 5 models 2024

    Finding the perfect record player can be challenging given the variety of models on the market. Here we present you the top 5 record players for 2024:

    American Audio TTD 2400 USB MKII

    A DJ-oriented turntable with a USB port for digitizing vinyl. Ideal for professional use in clubs and studios.

    Reloop RP 4000 MK2

    An affordable direct drive DJ turntable perfect for getting started in the world of DJing.

    TEAC TN 280 with Bluetooth

    This manual record player combines tradition with modern technology and offers Bluetooth functionality for wireless audio streaming (incidentally, the only record player with Bluetooth functionality in this test).

    Audio Technica AT-LP140XP

    An insider tip for engineers and music producers - this turntable with direct drive and precise tonearm promises audiophile listening pleasure.

    Reloop RP 7000 MK2

    A professional DJ turntable with a robust design and precise controls, perfect for professional use in clubs and studios.

    Technics SL-1210 MK7

    The legendary Technics SL-1210 MK 7 remains a top choice for professional DJs looking for a high quality turntable.

    Where can you buy vinyl records?

    Finding the perfect record is an adventure in itself. Whether online or locally – here are our recommendations:

    • JPC : A reliable online store with a wide selection of vinyl treasures.
    • Local record store: Look in your area to discover local dealers and record stores or search online for “record store near you” to see suitable stores - support your local dealer!
    Why buy records from JPC?

    At JPC you will not only find a huge selection of current and old vinyl records, but also useful accessories for your collection and your setup. In addition, you benefit from free shipping for orders over €29! – Immerse yourself in the world of music with JPC and discover a wide selection of musical treasures.

    Our experience with JPC

    We regularly order our vinyl records from JPC and are always satisfied. Delivery is reliable because our beloved records always arrive safe and sound. Discover for yourself why we value JPC so much as a reliable and new partner.

    Turntable repair near you

    Records and turntables can show signs of wear over time. If your beloved record player or vinyl treasures need repairs, we recommend a professional. In Hamburg, for example, we can recommend "70s Stereo" or simply ask your trusted record dealer. Search the Internet for “record player repair” to find shops that repair record players and vinyl records in your area or nationwide.

    Buy record player furniture & accessories

    A stylish home for your records and turntable is a must. Are you thinking about how to display your collection? Here are some ideas:

    • Shelf: Display your vinyl treasures on a stylish shelf.
    • Table: A special table for your turntable adds the finishing touches to the setup.
    • Retro needle: Treat your record player to a stylish retro needle.

    With these tips and recommendations, you'll be well prepared to dive into the world of records or expand your existing collection. Enjoy the warm sound and unique experience that only vinyl can offer!

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