Most musicians and producers get cheap and sometimes used studio equipment or instruments at the beginning of their career. At the beginning not much equipment is needed to be able to produce good music.

So that you don't build a booth in your closet lined with eggshells, we have listed the best studio equipment for beginners that you can get for your money - of course in real studio quality!

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For professional and digital music production, you first and foremost need a computer or laptop. The minimum requirements of music software on a computer for music production are often:

● Intel i5 processor
● 8 GB RAM memory
● 250 GB hard disk space

Such a laptop or Computer is ideal for singer/songwriters and rappers to make their own recordings. For more demanding tasks, we recommend a system with the following technical data:

● Intel i7/ i9 or current AMD processor (CPU)
● 16 or 32 GB RAM memory
● 1 TB hard disk space (or more)

Choose a processor that has as many GHz per core as possible. Since samples and plugins can quickly take up a lot of storage space, it's worth investing in a large hard drive or an external HDD, like the LaCie Rugged 5 TB,. With more hard disk space, you are well prepared for new software and future projects!


With an audio interface, you connect your studio speakers and microphone to your laptop or computer so that you can control the volume and input level. In addition, an external audio interface often processes audio signals with less interference than the sound cards preinstalled in the computer.

There are many different models with different numbers of inputs and outputs, but we still recommend using a simple audio interface at the beginning. Two XLR or TRS outputs for studio loudspeakers and an XLR input with 48V phantom power for a microphone are usually completely sufficient at the beginning!

All the models recommended here have the above technical data and have additional an input for an instrument. Here you will find the three best audio interfaces under €150:

Audient iD4 MK2

Steinberg UR22 MK2

Focusrite Scarlett Solo